Who is Old Town Station Firearms Auctioneers and ArmsBid.com?

Founded by Jim Supica and Dan Kull, KS Firearms Auctioneers has grown from conducting an auction every couple of years since 1993 to conducting 3 annual Live Auctions in Topeka, Kansas. These auctions offer sales of 1000’s of quality firearms throughout the world with nationwide and international marketing that reach to the 1000’s of catalog and mailing list subscribers.

Kull Auction & Real Estate Co founded in 1989 and Old Town Station- Armsbid.com formed a joint venture to do what we love, sell guns! Jim’s love and dedication to the gun industry has drawn him to Virginia to be director the NRA museum. With Jim’s departure, Kull Auction & Real Estate formed a new entity, Kull’s Old Town Station (KOTS) Firearms auction. Attendees in the Midwest know Kull Auction & Real Estate one of the top full time auction firms with over 2 decades of live auction experience.

Why Kull’s Old Town Station Firearms Auctioneers?

Licensed & Legal

As a Federal Firearms Licensee (FFL), we legally sell & ship to enthusiastic buyers throughout the United States & internationally. All sales are made in compliance with all firearms laws.

Non-FFL auctioneers are limited in who they can legally sell to, and are only brokers, with the gun owner considered the actual seller, and responsible for illegal sales. Why take chances? Let Kull’s Old Town Station do it right for you.

Powerful ArmsBid.com

Among websites of actual live gun auctioneers, our ArmsBid.com website usually ranks number one on the entire Internet on major search engines. We average 2000 to 3000 unique visitors every day, and over 8 million hits per month. Our website is arguably the top live gun auction website on the Internet.  Check it out on Google. Last time we looked, we were rated No. 1 on the entire Internet for “Live Gun Auction”, and our placement for “Gun Auction” and “Firearms Auction” was higher than any other live gun auctioneer in the world.

The Right Size for You

While Kull’s Old Town Station (KOTS) Firearm Auctioneers –ArmsBid.com is considered one of America’s best known & respected firearm specialty auctioneers, we are far from the largest.

We like it that way. We’re proud of our Midwest-friendly auctions in our climate controlled and homey permanent auction pavilion. Each bidder & consignor is important to us.

How much do you charge?

Kull’s Old Town Station (KOTS)  Firearm Auctioneers are competitive. We know what it takes to put on a world class firearm auction, IN MOST CIRCUMSTANCES, our commission is the same AS THE “LOCAL AUCTIONEERS” Commission, but WE have the knowledge, the expertise and the world wide exposure to sell YOUR firearms at the highest possible price on that given day.

The terms of the consignment are spelled out in detail on our consignment contract.  Seller’s commission starts at 25% for our National Firearms Auctions, and can be considerably less for large collections or exceptional individual pieces.  Regional Firearms Auction sellers’ commissions are lower. THERE ARE NO HIDDEN CHARGES FOR PHOTOGRAPHY, CATALOGING, INSURANCE, ETC. You need to know the folks you trust your guns to. Put Kull’s Old Town Station Firearm Auctioneers expertise to work for you!

After 20 years in the auction industry our professional achievements include, Missouri Auction School Instructor, Certified Appraisers Guild of America Instructor and Court recognized auctioneers & appraisers. Professional memberships include, National Auctioneers Association, Kansas Auctioneers Association and National & Kansas Realtor Associations.

Check out the prices realized from past auctions. Historically, 55-65% of our auction firearms sell within pre-auction estimates, 35% sell over estimate, and only around 4% sell under estimate.  Click here for prices realized from past auctions.

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